Hall of Fame

  • Administration, Elementary Teaching, Middle School Teaching, High School Teaching, Support Staff Award of Excellence & Volunteer Award of Excellence

  • The Millard Public Schools Foundation’s Hall of Fame Booster Award honors individuals who have demonstrated exceptional service and support to the Millard Public Schools. Current/active or former/inactive parents, booster and supporters are all eligible for nomination.

  • The Millard Public Schools Foundation’s Alumni Hall of Fame Award honors graduates of the Millard Public Schools who have demonstrated leadership in business, professional work, and/or civic organizations, social agencies, church or other community groups. Awards may be given posthumously.

  • Anyone affiliated with Millard Public Schools may nominate a successful retired coach, activity director or sponsor of any activity offered at the Millard schools. In addition to exceptional performance, nominees should have exhibited leadership and exemplified outstanding character while representing Millard Public Schools. The individual must be a positive role model, worthy of being emulated by students.

  • This award honors an employee of the Millard Public Schools Foundation. The individual must be a positive role model and have exhibited leadership and demonstrated outstanding character while representing the Foundation.

If you would like to support this outstanding event please contact Marilyn Chollett, This is a wonderful opportunity to show your support for the EXCELLENCE in MPS!