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Packing the Backpacks...

Packing up the backpack on another year.
In the education business May is the time of year when we close out the year. Yes, we closed the year in grand style. The Hall of Fame dinner hosted 600 people and honored outstanding students, employees and community volunteers and boosters. We also started our new year in grand style with the Annual Golf Classic. Our Golf tournament on June 3 hosted 216 golfers. It is an amazing sight watching over a hundred golf carts wind their way to a shotgun starting position. The money we raise will help fund many important grants for students in Millard Public Schools. These events signify success for our organization.
The Millard Public Schools Foundation is 30 years old this year. The goals that were listed when the Foundation was incorporated included:

Goal 1: Promote the welfare of students in the school and community.
The impact of this foundation is felt at each school and in many ways. Site plans have money to support the big ideas to improve schools. Elementary students use iPads purchased by the Foundation each and every day. Students benefit from extended library hours at the high school, study centers in elementary and middle schools and technology that brings learning to life.

Goal 2: To raise the standards of academic and extracurricular life.
The Foundation has successfully promoted an AP culture where students challenge themselves to take rigorous courses. Students have many career choices, and assistance to get started on those pathways is given by the Foundation. We support worthwhile activities including sports, music, and drama. We are pleased to assist in providing a well-rounded educational experience.

Goal 3: Bring into closer relation the students and community
The Foundation is working on this with projects like Millard Nations to build nations of support for our schools. We are here to support our schools with resources to fill in the gaps left by declining state and federal funds.

Goal 4: Take and hold by bequest, devise, gift, grant, purchase, and lease any property.
The Foundation has many generous supporters who have remembered us with their support through donations, scholarships, awards and programs. We would love to visit with you about your legacy.
Our goals continue to inspire us today. Thank you for your continued support!