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The Millard Public Schools Foundation partners with the Millard Public Schools to support students, families, and the community by guaranteeing sustainable resources and offering high-quality programs.


  • Fundraising and financial support for the District’s highest priorities will increase annually.
  • We will honor commitments for sustainable resources while supporting innovative projects towards the Millard Public Schools’ mission.
  • We will operate high quality child care programs and evaluate them annually.
  • Millard Public Schools Foundation will increase awareness and engagement throughout the Millard community.


1. We will develop and implement a plan to attract, train and retain high quality Kids Network staff.

a. Develop and implement an employment marketing plan to include competitive compensation to attract and retain high-quality Kids Network employees.
b. Identify and implement a program model that supports staff development and communication within the schools to accommodate the diverse needs of children.

2. Through collaboration with the district, we will identify and prioritize critical funding needs while strategically engaging donors and community partners.

a. We will develop and implement a plan to add new donors and prioritize
existing donors to increase giving.
b. We will develop and implement plans to strategically recognize and engage
MPS Foundation donors.

3. We will develop and implement plans to foster a collaborative culture where team members feel appreciated, valued, and engaged.

a. Enhance communication, collaboration, and morale among Foundation
programs and departments (i.e. office, Kids Network, board.
b. Improve and provide more consistent staff evaluations and communication for goal setting and professional growth.

4. We will develop and implement plans to increase awareness and engagement of the Millard community through the Foundation’s work.

a. Promote the Foundation with targeted messages to engage and sustain
relationships with our district and community.
b. Develop an internal communication plan.
c. Partner with the district communication team to best leverage stories and
impact in our community.