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Watch this short video to see first hand how the Foundation is impacting the students and community.   

  • Enhancements & Technology

Millard Public Schools has developed a culture which encourages and fosters students to challenge themselves thourghout their education. Together with technology, these academic enhancements provide each learner with access to the tools they need to be college and career ready.
  - Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccaluaureate (IB) exam scholarships
  - Early college Program
  - Commitment to bring technological tools to all Millard students

  • Millard Public Schools Families in Crisis

Assisting families in crisis with the goal of having an immediate impact on a student's ability to succeed.
  - The MPS family fund connects Millard families with additional services in the Omaha community to sustain and thrive in the future.
   - Food pantries are located at Millard South & Keith Lutz Horizon High Schools

  • Endowment

Ensures future students in the Millard district experience the rich tradition of excellence while upholding today's world-class education standards.

  • People & Programs

Each year the Foundation grants funds to every Millard school.
  - Based on each school's strategic objectives in instructin, guided by administration, educators and parents.
  - Supports student enrichment and parent involvement

  • Scholarships
    Annually, the Foundation awards over $130,000 in scholarship s to Millard graduates.

You can support any of our programs by making a contribution today.