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SNOW DAYS: If school is cancelled due to weather conditions, Kids Network will make every effort to open, however there are many factors we must take into consideration. First and foremost is safety, the district’s ability to remove snow at the designated sites, or other conditions that could pose a danger to the children, staff, or facility. In the event that Kids Network is closed, the Foundation will try to place the closing on the local television stations, and KFAB. Because we are not a school, television stations may choose not to post it on their closings. Always call ahead, as our voice messaging system would reflect whether or not Kids Network will be open or closed.

If school is closed due to weather conditions, the decision will usually be made by Millard Public School District officials before 6:30 am, and announced on local radio and television stations. If Kids Network is operating, it will open at the designated sites listed below. The hours of operation would be from 6:30 am until 6:00 pm. Snow days are the only days that parents or guardians do not have to pre-register for, and can use any locations listed below. Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack will be provided at no additional charge as it is included in the full day rate. The full day rate will apply on snow days. A snow day billing statement will be given at your child’s home site. The statement will reflect the date of the snow day, total amount due, and the date the amount will deducted with your regular deduction amount.

Designated Snow Sites:
Abbott- 1313 N 156 St 402-991-6589
Ackerman- 5110 S 156 St 402-991-6716
Montclair- 2405 S 138 St 402-991-6745
Neihardt- 15130 Drexel St 402-991-6749
Norris- 12424 Weir St 402-991-6761
Wheeler – 6707 S 178 St 402-991-6794

School closings announced after 6:30 am

If school is closed due to weather conditions, and the decision is made by the Millard Public School District officials AFTER 6:30 am, all Kids Network Sites will be open regular hours from 6:30 am until 6:00 pm.

School closings announced during the school day

If school is closed due to weather conditions during the school day, all Kids Network sites will be open as soon as staff arrives.