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Welcome to Wildcat Nation

Welcome Wildcats to your very own Wildcat Nation. Here is where you will find information and open doors to connecting with all Wildcat Alumni & supporters. The Wildcat Nation will serve as a hub for all Wildcat Nation activities. Here you will find news articles about your fellow alumni and supporters, as well as information about upcoming Nation events. We invite your to join our community of Wildcats by completing the "join" section to the right. We ask that you keep information up-to-date and remain active in our Wildcat Nation. Don't forgete to learn more about opportunities to support the Wildcat Nation by clicking the give tab at the top.

Thank you for your support, we look forward to building a vibrant family of Wildcats.

The images above were provided by Millard West High School students (Photo 1: Alexa Leroux - Photo 2: Aly Burd - Photo 3: Ashly Helfrich, Photo 4: Bailey Mittlieder, Photo 5: Brooke Staashelm)